Electric Spindle

Electro- spindles have always been a huge challenge for middle and high-end glass working center manufacturers,such as: stator and rotor waterproof problem ,bearing ,stator and rotor cooling problems, the spindle tool loose and pull problem, and the center internal cooling problem.
Thanks to the research, testing and applications we have done,the stator and rotor waterproof problem is solved by adopting glue filling method, constant temperature cooling is ensured by equiping with a constant temperature water chiller and a corresponding circulating water cooling structure, so that the electro- spindle will be not affected by the external environment and working conditions, malfunction can be avoided as glass powder influence on spindle tool loose-pull structure is greatly reduced thanks to the spindle tool loose-pull structure which is suitable for glass processing, glass processing quality and efficiency is improved and tool service life is extended by the spindle central water cooling structure. All above measures ensure our electro-spindles a long service life.
More important, the electro-spindle we use is easy to repair. Even the spindle have some problem, the customers can repair it themself according to the videos. This greatly reduces repair cost and time. So no need to worry about the spindle even through it is broken.

Product Introduction

Green independently develops and manufactures electric spindles; the maximum spindle speed is 12000 rpm.


With constant temperature water cooler, spindle circulation cooling, tool center cooling, tool external cooling, stator coil in the spindle is sealed by “glue injection”, the spindle end face is hermetically sealed, the disc spring broach mechanism, and the claws are made of steel balls.

Features Description

The front part of the main shaft adopts the patented multi-layer labyrinth seal design and air-tight design. The stator coil inside the main shaft is sealed by “glue injection”, which isolates the external coolant and makes the electric spindle have a longer service life. The stator of the electric spindle is cooled by a water cooler to ensure stable operation of the electric spindle under long-term and high-temperature conditions. The main shaft adopts nitriding treatment to improve the service life, and the main shaft and the rotor are dynamically balanced according to the G0.4 standard, thereby ensuring the stability of high-speed machining. The broaching mechanism of the spindle is tensioned by the German brand disc spring, which is more than 8 times longer than that of other manufacturers. The claw is made of steel ball tensioning sleeve structure, compared with the split claws used by other manufacturers. Strong anti-dust ability, simple structure and low failure rate.

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